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Pedra leather

We have launched a new Antic-Cuir range called PEDRA! European bovine, Pedra is similar to nubuck with a distressed finish and a soft hand. This genuine leather has a thickness of 1.1-1.2mm and an average size per hide of 5sq.m. Discover the 11 colours...

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Special offer

Yes, we are promoting some of our references: a great opportunity to test one of our ranges!   You can choose among so many possibilities either embossed leather with diamond-stitch or plaited and also for more exotic tastes, we have snake or shagreen patterns. You can also go...

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We start this new year launching a brand-new range: Silky! Together with our genuine leather ranges and artificial materials, we now offer a 0.8mm fabric for lining or backing! 18 colours can be selected with a minimum purchase order of 1 roll of about 40m. Moreover, we can make any bespoke...

KARMA leather for leather goods

This week, we would like to talk to you about Karma.   This is a full grain pure aniline genuine leather with an oily finish. Its natural smooth grain gives Karma a very nice hand.   This range has a thickness of 1.0-1.2mm. Karma is made of European bull rawhides.   There are 14 colours available in...